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An Ode To The Perfect Wedding Gown: The Loretta by Galia Lahav

Part of the reason I fell in love with wedding planning is my natural inclination for style. Not only do I love event styling, I also love fashion. At the intersection where events meet fashion, you will find the most gorgeous of wedding gowns. I absolutely adore wedding gowns, in fact, wedding dress shopping with my clients may just be my favorite part of the event planning process!

Wedding gowns designs over the last few years have evolve and have taken on a journey towards the more glamorous, feminine and bohemian path. I could not possibly list the long, long list of wedding fashion designers I admire in this blog alone. What I can say is who my ultimate wedding designer is and that is Israeli designer Galia Lahav.

In my weddings and events I like to go for the wow factor. I love to leave guests breathless when they walk into the event room. Galia does this with her stunning wedding designs, every single dress is more stunning than the next. If I could turn back time and wear each dress over and over at my wedding I would!

Yet the most favorite design of all and what I call the perfect wedding down is what some may call her most infamous design "The Loretta". Inspired by the movie sirens of the 1920's Jazz era, the Loretta has it all. Soft tulle to create a dreamlike train, soft lace, pearls and crystals. It is the ultimate expression of glamour, romance and a feminine touch on a wedding dress.

Time after time each photo I see of a bride wearing this gorgeous wedding dress leaves me breathless. Paired with long wavy hair, a pearly hair barrette and flawless make-up this wedding dress is the type of dress every bride will feel like a Hollywood goddess in and ultimately Harlow & Dahlia Event's most favorite wedding dress.