Wedding Flowers: Baby's Breath

It was the trend in weddings for many years to use elaborate, over the top floral arrangements but that has all changed over the last few years. Planning weddings in Vermont, I've realized the focal point of a memorable Vermont wedding is significant statement pieces that are as "au natural" as possible. 

There comes in "baby's breath". I don't think anything screams fresh off the floral field as baby's breaths. They are delicate, humble and eye catching flowers that can complement most wedding dresses, from simple styles to mermaid gowns to ballgowns. They are beautiful on their own without taking away from the bride.

More importantly they are budget friendly. You can likely obtain a very generous helping of them for around $35. 

Many brides use them as centerpieces. Imagine them hanging on a beautiful glass vase on top of a round wooden coaster in a guest's table. However, I prefer to use colorful flowers as centerpieces for weddings and allow the baby's breath to elegantly flow around the event room in innovative ways such as by the bar area, by the cake or any other spots that could use a little cheering up.

In my own wedding, I used them as tuck in inside our guest's dinner napkins. We went with a very natural decor for tables so this was the perfect way to extend that idea event further!

So planning a wedding in Vermont? Keep those baby's breaths in mind.

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