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We are a wedding and event planning design firm specializing in events in Vermont, New England and New York City.

Founded by Claudia Rollin, Harlow & Dahlia Events thrives to craft weddings and events that are modern, elegant and timeless. A one woman show that has been growing into an event planning company with more hands on board ready to make your event or wedding just shine!

With years of event planning experience, a personality for everything beautiful and unique which translates into the work we have facilitated for our client's events.

What makes Harlow & Dahlia Events is keeping the client's needs at the forefront of our planning services. We ease the process of planning an event by providing our clients with excellent tools for success such as the most accurate vendor and planning recommendations, front of the line planning tools, customized and unique attention to our client's needs. 

We recognize each and every one of our clients have a unique event that requires unique and one on one attention. We will work with you to help take away the stress of event planning so you can enjoy the fun your event should and will bring you!

Harlow & Dahlia Events clients have come to expect timely responses, excellent planning skills, and enthusiasm behind everything our company does!

an organized event goes a long way

It's all fun and games only if someone is organized! A wedding requires thousands of constant moving pieces. Harlow & Dahlia Events keeps track of all the pieces so you don't have to! We build lists on top of lists to keep everything organized.

Allow Harlow & Dahlia Events to handle the coordination and design of your event by using the foremost planning tools available, abiding by an accurate planning budget and let us build your vision without any of the headaches behind planning a wedding or event.

Planning your wedding in Vermont? We can help. Planning your wedding in New England? We can also help.

New York City? No problem. You name the location, we will be there!


The ying to the yang that is organization is creativity. We LOVE being creative.

Event styling and design are our superpowers. We don't settle for the most convenient or standard. We work to understand you, your vision and style to tailor your wedding or event as best accurate as possible. 

Color schemes, visual boards, textures, the right floral design, these intricate details that together pull together the masterpiece. Vermont and New England act as beautiful backdrops for weddings, our style and design services add the finishing touch to pull together a breathtaking event


Our signature events have personality. They are distinctive, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and we are not afraid to take risks with our styling. We stay on top of all event design trends to assure we can use these ideas on your wedding or event and the event can be a true reflection of who you are!

our love for the local event community

What makes Vermont and New England events unique is the vibrant community of vendors that come together to create one-of-a kind events that surpass expectations. Vermont and New England's local wedding and event vendors offer some of the world's most beautiful products and services, from local florists to caterers who explore the local farm to table movement, we are lucky to have such talent right in our back yard.

Harlow & Dahlia Events is an active member of the wedding community, we belong to the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals , we attend regular industry meetings and have curated an impressive and reliable list of vendors that will assure to make your event an exquisite and perfectly plan event!

what's in a name?

We get asked on a continuous basis how the name Harlow & Dahlia Events came about; so much in fact we decided to dedicate it's own section of our website to this question!!

Growing up Claudia was a fan of classic Hollywood films from the 1930's and 1940's. One actress who always made an impression was the unparalleled Jean Harlow. Harlow was Hollywood's it girl of the 1930's and many of her films derived around attending parties and events in the most beautiful silk envy worthy gowns (ie. Dinner at 8). 

When Claudia started the company, Jean's glamorous image came to mind and that is exactly what Harlow & Dahlia Events ought to be: a glamorous, outside the box, energetic event planning firm.

The Dahlia part? Easy. Who doesn't love gorgeous, beautiful and lovely dahlias? There is a reason we love to use them for so many of our events!


a little bit about Claudia

owner & founder

Born in Uruguay, South America, grew up in New York City. Mother & Wife. Fashion Lover. Figure Skater. Has watched every episode of Friends. A serious travel enthusiast. Bilingual.Foodie. Coffee Lover. Loves the beach. Favorite hobby is dancing.Favorite Flowers are Dahlias. Loves the smell of newspapers. Runner. Left the corporate world to chase her dreams, never looked back.